Refer & Help Your Students

Medical Emergency Options

Please review our Emergency Checklist information: Click Here.

  1. Call 911 directly. Rescue will bring to nearest hospital for emergency assessment. It does not matter if you/they are insured or not.
  2. Walk into Hasbro Children’s Hospital for emergency assessment. Will also provide guidance on follow-up care and treatment.
  3. Call pediatrician, family doctor, or primary care facility.
  4. Be sure that hospital emergency room and primary care provider share medical information.
  5. Tell School Personnel – Principal, Vice Principal, School Nurse, School Counselor, Student Assistance Team.
  6. Continue to monitor child and keep family and professionals informed.

Follow up care and treatment services: All care should be coordinated with pediatrician, mental health specialist, and school personnel.

Important Numbers

Bradley Hospital (401) 434-3400
Butler Hospital (401) 455-6200
Mental Health Association of RI (401) 226-2285

Community mental health center according to community:

RI Council of Resource Providers for Children, Youth, and Families:
(401) 431-0555

The Samaritans of RI Helpful Resources page.
Contains useful information suicide prevention. Young adult pages include information for youth, teens, parents, caregivers. Site also includes links to useful resources.

For information by City & Town, click here.

(401) 272-4044 OR (401) 365-4044