Lesson Plan: What is Self Esteem?

Lesson Title: “What Is Self-Esteem”

Grade Level: 6-12

Time Frame: 1 Class period

Subjects/Skills: Health, Compare/Contrast

Student Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will use a Venn Diagram to differentiate between the traits in low self-esteem and high self esteem during the class period.
  2. Students will use a continuum to decide where their self-esteem is today, where it is most of the time, and whether or not it always stays the same.

RI State Standards: RI Health Standards

3 – Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks.

6 – Students will demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting and decision-making to enhance health.


  • Handout or overhead picturing a male and a female figure (Sample photos provided for print or overhead)
  • Venn Diagram Handout
  • Continuum example

Introduction / Life Connection:

Disperse handout picturing Danny Low and Dora Up.  Danny has super low self-esteem, Dora’s is high.

Look closely at each of them. Think about how would you expect them to act?  What would you see them doing?

They would like your help in finding out what their differences are and how they are alike.

I need you to work with your Venn Diagram to see what differences and similarities you can discover.

Teaching Strategy:

A.   Draw a model Venn Diagram on the chalkboard/overhead to match the graphic organizer student will utilize.

  • Lead Group to provide headings for circles. ( EX: Don-Both /Danny, High self esteem- Troubled indiv- Low self esteem)
  • Obtain 2-3 suggestions for possible answers.

B.   Divide class into pairs and provide 10 mins. to fill in personal diagrams

C.   Class shares conclusions and these are added to the Venn diagram on the board.

D.   Challenge answers…

  • Probe
  • Ask for justification

E.   Introduce and explain a continuum and how it functions on a daily basis.

  • Decide where you are today.  Why?
  • Where are you most of the time?
  • Are you always in the same place?


What is Self-Esteem?

What did we do to find the differences? Similarities?

What can we learn from Danny and Dora?

How will this information help you?

What can we learn about each other?

Extention of lesson:

  • Students might brainstorm ways Danny could work to improve his self-esteem.
  • Students could role play Dora helping Danny to learn self-esteem strategies.

Dora Up

Danny Down