Hopeless? Need to Talk?

In Rhode Island – If you or someone you know is at immediate risk of suicide or is not safe, please call RI Emergency 911 immediately.

If you are calling from out-of-state concerned about someone in Rhode Island, please contact the RI State Police who can coordinate with RI E-911 and municipal police. RI State Police – 401.444.1000

Need to Talk? Call a volunteer at The Samaritans of Rhode Island – the state’s most trusted listening line since 1977. (Note: Our lines are open 24/7 depending on the availability of volunteers.)

401.272.4044 or toll free in RI (1-800) 365.4044.

All calls are free and confidential.

Our friends at the Samaritan branches in New Bedford/Fall River and Cape Cod are also available to listen.

Want to find local services? Click here.

Every day, people, of all ages, face difficult problems in their lives. Often times they believe no one cares or wants to listen. They can sometimes feel hopeless, alone or have suicidal thoughts.

But you don’t have to be suicidal to call The Samaritans. Our callers talk about many different personal issues. Some people call once while others may call every day – sometimes calling to let us know how their day went or just to say goodnight.

Samaritan volunteers are there to listen as often as needed. No caller is a burden to a Samaritan volunteer.

For callers not receiving professional care and for persons calling on behalf of loved ones or seeking more information, The Samaritans can point the direction to emergency services and licensed care programs in Rhode Island.

The Samaritans’ nonjudgmental listening model does not replace professional medical, mental health, social service or pastoral care.

The Samaritans can provide supportive services between appointments or when family and friends are not available.

Hotline/Listening line support is also available to callers when professional services are no longer an option.

Note: The Samaritans Hotline/Listening Line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year depending on the availability of volunteers within a 24-hour period.