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Emergency? Determine if everyone is safe. Are there weapons? Are other persons, especially children, in the vicinity? In all life threatening situations, please call RI Emergency 911 directly.

Suicide is considered a missed opportunity in prevention. It is also NOT a one size fits all problem. The challenges of one person may not be the challenges of another. To better understand the breadth of the problem and how to address it, we encourage you to read:

Emergency Checklist: What to do when a family member or friend threatens suicide.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Why Seek Professional Help?

If it is not an emergency:

1. Tell a trusted friend what you know.


Find and share your concerns with a Teacher, Clergy Member, School Nurse, Counselor, Parent of a Friend.

3. Review The Samaritans of RI website

Useful information on suicide prevention. Young Perspective pages include information for teens, parents/caregivers, and educators/staff. Site also includes a Resources section with more than 60  links to international, national, state and local information.

4. Call the Samaritans of RI

Your call is free and anonymous.
401-272-4044 or 1-800-365-4044

All calls are free and confidential.

Suicide Prevention Resources for Rhode Island Residents

Enter the name of your city or town for local resources.

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