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Have you been helped by The Samaritans? We’d like to know your story.

How has The Samaritans inspired hope in your life? You can share your experience with others using your own voice. Give the gift of inspiration and help others find the strength and hope to move forward in their own lives.

All programs are eligible including the Hotline/Listening Line, Safe Place, School Programs, etc. Some stories or excerpts may be used on our website and in our newsletter. Published stories or excerpts will not include names. However, submissions to our office must include your name, address and telephone number. Address letters to:

The Samaritans
P.O. Box 9086
Providence, RI, 02940

From a letter of thanks

“This thank you should have been sent long ago from the mother of a son who had an addiction to alchohol and drugs… he came to my house and tried suicide… I called the Samaritans, got him to talk to them… The Samaritans had the patience and the training to keep him on the phone long enough so that he agreed not to follow through at that time. THIS BOUGHT TIME FOR HIM. After ups and downs and AA meetings… he is now recovered and happily married… I can’t thank the Samaritans enough.”

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