Mission Statement

Who We Are

Established in Providence in 1977, the Rhode Island branch of The Samaritans is a statewide, independent, nonprofit, non-religious, philanthropic organization. We are recognized by the IRS as a charitable 501(c)(3) organization.

Vision Statement

To have a suicide free Rhode Island.

A Suicide Prevention Resource for Rhode Islanders
The Samaritans will be the “agency of choice” for individuals, families and other community stakeholders who seek information relating to suicide prevention, grief support, education and resources.

Mission Statement

Within the belief that suicide is generally preventable, the mission of The Samaritans is to help reduce the incidents of suicide in Rhode Island through greater access to information and resources.  To achieve this mission, The Samaritans recognizes that suicide prevention is a process involving many community resources.  As an agency that is not a licensed health care facility, The Samaritans believes its role within the suicide prevention process works best when volunteers, those left behind by suicide and other volunteer and professional stakeholders step forward to:

  • Work to eliminate the stigma associated with the topic of suicide prevention and grief support
  • Provide access to information and resources
  • Advocate for programs and services that enhance public awareness, peer to peer volunteerism and community service in direct support of those who are lonely, depressed, and suicidal or grieving the loss of someone by suicide and greater mental health services for everyone affected by suicide
  • Embrace “befriending” and nonjudgmental listening as the means for communicating and connecting with those affected by suicide

Suicide Prevention Resources for Rhode Island Residents

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