New Shoreham


Emergency? Determine if everyone is safe. Are there weapons? Are other persons, especially children, in the vicinity? In all life threatening situations, please call RI Emergency 911 directly.

Suicide is considered a missed opportunity in prevention. It is also NOT a one size fits all problem. The challenges of one person may not be the challenges of another. To better understand the breadth of the problem and how to address it, we encourage you to read:

Emergency Checklist: What to do when a family member or friend threatens suicide.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Why Seek Professional Help?

Accessing Care; Coordination of Care and Referral Information: Read below.

Often times, health and behavioral health problems happen at the same time impacting upon each other and you can feel depressed. Changes in medications or diet, stress, lifestyle issues or previously undiagnosed medical problems can also impact on your mental and physical well being. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, write a list of your concerns, observations, past and current medical issues and health care challenges as well as any thoughts of depression and suicide. Share your concerns with a trusted family member or friend, emergency room personnel, your health care provider or social service coordinator.

Your primary care doctor is your medical home. The best care is coordinated care between a RI licensed primary care doctor and RI licensed behavioral health specialist. Your list of concerns and observations, emergency room assessments, as well as medical and behavioral reports should be provided to and exchanged among your care providers.

Staying connected to family, friends and your community is an important component of any prevention and treatment program. Become part of a community organization – faith based, recreational, volunteer, educational, senior, library, youth and teen, garden or environmental organization can provide purpose, friendship and hope. Call the Town of New Shoreham or visit its website to learn more!

Can’t leave your home? Stay connected to The Samaritans of Rhode Island’s free, listening line where trained volunteers listen and befriend without judgment. Callers are invited to call as often as needed. Call (401) 272-4044 or (1-800) 365-4044.

BLOCK ISLAND MEDICAL EMERGENCY Options – Does not matter if insured or not

Call 911 directly. RI Emergency 911 will connect
to New Shoreham Rescue.

(2) Walk into Block Island Health Services
6 Payne Rd., Next to the Block Island School.
(Open September – May 9 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. M-F and except holidays)
(June, July, August, September 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. M-F except holidays)
Doctor on call 24 Hours a day. 401-466-2974

(3) Tell School Personnel – Principal, School Nurse.
School Counselor, Student Assistance Team can continue to monitor child,
keep family and professionals informed and make referrals.

(4) Contact local clergy for pastoral care
and other supportive services.
American Baptist – Rev. Stephen Hollaway (401) 466-5940
Episcopalian: St. Ann’s by the Sea, (401) 466-2911
Jewish: Cantor Elliot Taubman, (401)- 466-2861
Roman Catholic, Rev. Joseph Protano (401) 466-5519


If not a patient of Block Island Health Center, please contact your primary care doctor or child’s pediatrician directly.

Hasbro Children’s Hospital (connect through RI Hospital) 401-444-4000

Bradley Hospital
– (401) 432-1000 (call first) Child and Adolescent

Butler Hospital – (401) 455-6214 (call first) Adolescents and Adults Only

South Shore Mental Health – Adults and Children
(401) 364.7705 or (401) 789.1367


Follow-up Care and Treatment Services – All care should be coordinated with primary care doctor and/or pediatrician,
mental health specialist and school personnel.

Other Primary Health and Behavioral Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Social Services and Veterans Services

Find comprehensive services for veterans at the Providence VA Medical Center.

Find Social Services, Health and Mental Health Care serving New Shoreham through the RI Community Action Association.

Find a provider of services for children, youth and families serving New Shoreham through the RI Department of Children, Youth and Families.


Find Medical, Behavioral Services, Advocacy, Support Groups and other Community Care.

Visit the Town of New Shoreham website for resources in your community.

Visit The Samaritans of RI website Resource Center page.

Learn more – Mental Health Care Services in Rhode Island

Can’t afford medications? You may be eligible for assistance. Learn more from the Partnership for Prescription Assistance.

Are you suffering from depression or a caregiver stressed by worry? Need to Talk? Call a Friend at The Samaritans.
RI’s most trusted listening line since 1977

Rhode Islanders of all ages call The Samaritans when they just need someone to listen. Trained volunteers provide free, nonjudgmental befriending to the hopeless, alone, suicidal, grieving, infirmed and to caregivers stressed by worry and responsibility. The Samaritans of RI does not replace professional medical, mental health, social service or pastoral care. However, we can provide supportive services between appointments, when family and friends are not available or when professional care is not an option. Callers are invited to call as often as needed. (401) 272-4044 or (1-800) 365-4044.