Today is March 14, 2023. Due to inclement weather, Safe Place is canceled and will meet again on Tuesday, March 24, 2023.

ALERT: Hotline/Listening Line and emergency calls during Coronavirus

In case of a true suicide emergency, call 911 instead of our Hotline/Listening line.

If you live in the USA and are concerned about a suicide emergency anywhere in the USA:

  • Call YOUR local 911 from your cell phone or landline and ASK FOR ADVICE.  Your local 911 will be able to connect with other 911’s in the country.

If you live outside the USA and are reading this from  another country:

  • Call your local police and ask for advice.
  • Visit Befrienders Worldwide for international suicide prevention befriending listening lines.

For additional help within Rhode Island:

  • Call the RI State Police (401)-444-1000 who can coordinate with RI E-911 and local municipalities.
  • Call your your Primary Care doctor and/or your behavioral health provider directly and ask for advice.
  • Contact BH Link (dial 988) for a walk-in assessment, treatment or referral

Non-emergency? Need to Talk? Call any member of Samaritans USA.

Hopeless? Need to talk? Learn more here.

The Samaritans of Rhode Island

The Samaritans – Boston, MA
The Samaritans – Cape Cod and The Islands
The Samaritans – Fall River and New Bedford
The Samaritans of Merrimack Valley MA
The Samaritans – New Hampshire
The Samaritans – New York, NY

PLEASE NOTE: In Rhode Island, as we adhere to social distancing advisories and requests to stay home we will continue to provide Hotline/Listening Line support on a limited and sporadic basis. We are extremely grateful for our volunteer Hotline/Listening Line workers who are able to continue to answer our callers!


Suicide Prevention Resources for Rhode Island Residents

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