ALERT: Suicide/Drug Overdose Emergency Checklist

See our Suicide Emergency Checklist. Connect here.

Our thoughts are with those in Rhode Island and around the county who are dealing with personal and community crises.  Remember, crisis response services will evolve and change. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your city or town or state first responders.

National links to resources in your state include the United Way’s 211 line. Click here to learn more.

For mental health, health and suicide prevention services, please ask for help and advice from your state’s resources.


Help Save a Life!

Never underestimate your ability to make a difference!

Ask for help and advice from the following sources:

(1). Emergency? Calling from RI? Call Rhode Island E 9-1-1.

(2). Calling from another state and concerned about a loved one or friend in Rhode Island? You have two emergency options.

(3) Call RI State Police at 444-1000

(4) Call the local RI police department in the community where your loved one or friend lives.  Click here for a list of RI municipal police departments.

Learn more from our Suicide Emergency Checklist and RI Dept of Health  Drug Overdose Prevention information for the links below.  We’ve also included

Other Useful Links:

Suicide Prevention Resources for Rhode Island Residents

Enter the name of your city or town for local resources.

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