Don’t Stop Believing – The Story Behind the Pin

“Problems associated with mental illness such as depression, can become your number one enemy if you choose not to acknowledge and treat it.  My daughter created the pin as a symbol of all the battles she has fought and won.

Don’t Stop Believing that tomorrow is another day; there are people willing to listen and it’s OK to ask for help.

Don't Stop Believing PinThe pin is for all of us – the family and friends left behind because of the permanent decision a loved one made.  It is also for those we have lost as well as the survivors who are left behind.  Don’t Stop Believing!  Please help those who suffer silently.  All proceeds from the purchase of each pin* will be donated to the Samaritans of Rhode Island in memory of all those we have lost.”

Kathy Luther

Wild Flower Florist and Garden Center

Barrington RI

*To purchase the Don’t Stop Believing pin, contact The Samaritans of Rhode Island business line at 401.272.4243.

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