Getting Support: College Students

One of the single largest factors for a person considering suicide is lack of connection to other people.

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask or look for help.  Adults of all ages have problems they can not solve on their own.  Finding the courage to get help is often the first step toward solving your problems.

Learn to cope. Learn to be connected. There are individuals and groups within your school and community available to assist with this process.

When struggling with problems it helps to:

  • Tell someone you trust
  • Be around people who are caring and positive
  • Ask someone to help you look at your options
  • Work with a counselor
  • Work with a trusted friend or adult

College students can access peer or counselor support through campus  health or behavioral health services     You can locate the health or counseling center through your school’s website or through the following directory.

RI’s Institutions of Higher Learning

On campus counseling centers:

Brown University Health Services 401-863-3476
Bryant University Health Services 401-232-6220, First floor of Hall 16
Community College of RI Health Services 401-825-2301
Johnson & Wales Health Services 401-598-1016, Kinsley Building 3rd floor
Providence College Health Services 401-865-2343
RI College Health Services 401-456-8094
Roger Williams University Health Services 401-254-3124
Salve Regina University Health Services 401-341-2919
University of RI Health Services 401-874-22, Roosevelt Hall RM 217