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Artists Helping the Samaritans of RI
Our elegant space is best described as a boutique, vanity gallery. At extremely affordable rates for rental of wall and floor space, artists and craftsmen may display their work and, in turn, The Samaritans of RI will provide complimentary events and promotional opportunities by which the products of the artists and craftsmen are exhibited.

Arrangements may be made for exclusive exhibitions or joint exhibitions in which the works of two or more artists and/or craftsmen are displayed in concert.

Art work may be displayed in honor or memory of a loved one or friend. The Samaritans of RI may also host its own exhibits.

Learn more about the Forget-Me-Not Gallery below.

What is the Forget-Me-Not Gallery? (PDF)

Forget-Me-Not Gallery Call For Artists Instructions* (PDF)

Forget-Me-Not Gallery Schematic and Fee Structure* (PDF)

FAQ – How it Works!

(1) Is there a Submission Fee? – Yes.  Please submit your work per the directions. There is a $35.00 entry fee .  Your work is reviewed and becomes part of our archives of available artists.

(2) How are artists chosen? – As we develop our exhibition themes, we will seek  participation by the artists who have submitted their work and are part of our archives.  We will make an offer to display.

(3) Is there an additonal fee to display? – Yes.  Upon invitation to display as part of an exhibit, the artist is then charged for the wall space depending on availability and/or individual requests for which space the artist would like to use.   See attached Gallery Schematic and Fee Structure.

If you allow us to sell your work, depending on the wall space you choose, the display fee will range from $60 to $300 (depending on wall size) for 28 days.  If we sell your work, there is a very low 25% commission.

If, when we make the offer to display, you choose not to sell your work but would just like to display  then the higher wall rental space applies (see NO SALE column).

(4) I often exhibit with another artist or artists. Can I partner with another artist and display on the same wall? Yes. – If you and another artist(s) would like to display together, this would be a great opportunity to do so!  In fact, that would be encouraged as the cost of the wall rental would be shared by two artists and the cost to display becomes even more affordable! However, each artists must  still register individually and each pay the $35.00 submission fee to be part of our archive of artists.  Please make a request to be considered for displaying on the same wall with another artist at the time you submit your work.

(5) Am I included in the Meet the Artist Night and publicity whether I decide my work is available for sale or not? – Yes.  For either choice (meaning if you allow us to sell your work or not), the fee you pay to display your work includes the cost of a Meet the Artist Night, publicity as noted  and the good will of knowing you are supporting the programs of The Samaritans of Rhode Island.

*Our minimal Call for Artists admission fee and display fee structure will help support the costs associated with operating our Forget-Me-Not Gallery and the costs associated with our Crisis Hotline/Listening Line, Safe Place Grief Support, Youth and Teen Education and Community Education Programs which includes our LifeLine Prison Befriending Program at the Men’s Intake Center of the RI Adult Correctional Instution. All volunteer led programs are offered at no cost to Rhode Islanders.  We are able to offer these programs for free because of the philanthropic support of our friends and supporters.

Each year, more than 122 volunteers donate their time to staff our programs.

Thank you for being part of our newest venture!

A special thank you to Chabot Gallery and Artscope Magazine for their help in our inaugural Call for Artists.