Note: Please remember, if your call is an emergency, please call 911.  Not sure it’s an emergency? Please call 911 and ask for advice.

At The Samaritans of RI, our Hotline/Listening Line coverage may vary depending on the availability of volunteers within a 24 hour period.

For more information about suicide related emergencies, please see our Suicide Emergency Checklist.

Other Information

The Samaritans is not a licensed, health care agency. All information provided on www.samaritansri.org is general in nature. Do not rely upon any of the information for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Please consult your primary health care provider about any personal health concerns. All care should be coordinated with a licensed primary care provider and a licensed mental health provider. For more information about licensed, health care providers in Rhode Island, contact the RI Department of Health.

Agencies or organizations listed on www.samaritansri.com are included for informational use only, and inclusion does not imply endorsement by the The Samaritans, Inc. of Providence, RI.The Samaritans, Inc. of Rhode Island assumes no liability and or responsibility for any and all information on the web site.

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Be careful not to submit any personal information without being aware of the site’s privacy policy.

Notes regarding Confidentiality:

For the purposes of befriending, callers are asked if they would like to share first names. It is not required to receive befriending.   All information about callers is confidential within the agency, unless:

  • We have informed consent from the caller to pass on information.
  • We receive a court order requiring us to divulge information.
  • We are passed information about acts of terrorism or bomb warnings.
  • A caller attacks volunteers or others.
  • A caller threatens to attack volunteers or others.
  • A caller deliberately prevents the service from being delivered to other callers.

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement at any time and without notice.  If we do so, we will post the change on our website.

Suicide Prevention Resources for Rhode Island Residents

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